Where's your (social) proof?!

Is 'social proof' really a thing?

Yes it absolutely is!

Because we've all googled someone at least once in our lives…and no I don't mean googling celebs, I mean googling that kid in your class you've never met, or that person you bumped into at a party that kind of intrigued you, or an interviewer you're trying to learn more about. Whatever it is….we've all been there.

The point of googling someone is to learn a bit more about them, maybe not their entire life story but it's a good way to check if they are who they say they are and get a sense of their overall 'brand'.

For example if you're googling a recruiter and you come across their LinkedIn profile, you can see the previous companies they've worked with, they might've posted about new job listings they're hiring for, you might even find out that they're a career coach and learn more about them that way. You can also see the comments they left on other people's posts and get a sense of their personality; are they the kind that gets into fights with people? Do they get political? Or are they just your cherry run-in-the-mill recruiter?

Now let's say you're thinking of working with this person or hoping to reach out to them, 'social proof' comes into play in 3 ways:

🧩 You see they're personality (no one wants to work with a potential internet troll)

🧩 You see their interests (not just in their posts but also the comments they leave on posts which shows their interests)

🧩 You see their EXPERIENCE! Are they who they say they are? Do they have the qualifications you're looking for?

Social proof blends into both personal and professional branding: getting to show who you are, your expertise, and interests!

❗️Social presence ≠ social proof❗️ More on this next week❗️

Basically having a (good) online presence is an amazing way to show your authentic self and set yourself up for success.

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