"What should I put on my resume if I do not have much experience?"

Fall 2021 internships have just been finalized and Summer 2022 recruitment season is underway and the biggest worry I hear from students is that 'they don't have any experience'...

It's upsetting to hear this because I honestly don't believe there's such a thing as "no experience". It's unfortunate that the current job market and even some career coaching experts push the narrative that industry experience is all that matters…. It is not.

It's the same narrative that tells us that traditional schooling (college, university) is synonymous with education…. It's not.

Just like education, experience is versatile and wide-ranging. And I would argue that for young professionals it matters less what kind of 'experience' they have and more about their attitude: are they teachable or not? Do they possess the characteristics you look for in members of your team?

These traits do not depend on hard skills, they are dependent on soft skills such as:

💻 Adaptability

💻 Teachability

💻 How collaborative you are in a team

💻 Are you are capable of being a self-starter and working on your own?

💻 Problem solving and asking questions

A LinkedIn report actually found that 92% of recruiters and hiring managers think soft skills are just as important as the hard / technical skills - if not more. 💼

Regardless, experience is experience. It just matters how you are able to "sell it" when applying for jobs and interviewing.

I was able to help my younger sister (a freshman) get Computer Science internships at LinkedIn and Cisco with only high school experience and a semester of college. 💥

How? All those coding projects she did while at school were added in as 'experience' and we'd also explain what she did in those projects and how she contributed when working on a team (i.e. any leadership experience no matter how big or small). 🙌🏾

This year alone I mentored about 15 other students and helped them get offers from Google, KPMG, Facebook, AWS and more… using the experience they have! Particularly focusing on projects completed and certifications they did in their field.

Here's a visual I posted on Instagram to give you an idea of what you can put on your resume.

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