Welcome welcome!

Hi hi and welcome to my everything and anything blog!

I decided to start this blog because I have so many interests and figured that this would be the best way to actually get my thoughts down. I noticed that I can think and dream and mentally plan all I want but it's only when I write it down (or type it out!) that I get somewhere and make headway. So basically welcome to my brain lol!

I'm a career mentor so we'll definitely be talking about careers…..and no I don't just mean corporate and tech 9-5s because careers are not a narrow one-size-fits-all, careers are (or at last they should be) ALL-ENCOMPASSING! #ikigai

I'm big on investing (been learning about stocks and the stock market since I was 17!) and I definitely feel like high school, college and university missed an opportunity to provide courses on:

🧩 Budgeting /money management

🧩 Networking

🧩 Career planning

🧩 Marketing yourself and telling your story effectively

🧩 Time management and coping with burnout

So these are some areas that a lot of us had to figure out on our own. I'll be sharing I've learned throughout my life so far, some tips and tricks, mistakes I've made and how I bounced back.

Anyways that's enough for now. See you soon and don't forget to subscribe! 🧩