Top 3 things I learned from my mother #happymothersday!!

Happy mothers day to all the moms out there. I know for me personally I wouldn't be half the woman I am today without my mother who has done so much for myself & our family! ⭐️

Her strength, dedication and loyalty are incredibly admirable and my siblings and I constantly thank God for blessing us with such an amazing mentor and friend. 👩‍👧

She is the mother of 7 kids (I'm the second!), an Electronics engineer with 2 Master's, an MBA and another in Public Health!

→ My mother taught me the importance of education; and not just in the traditional sense, but in seeking to learn constantly while always working to improve yourself in anyway you can. 📚

My mom is the kind of woman that doesn't need to say much or show off anything to gain respect. She is unfailingly kind to everyone and has a great deal of empathy for everyone she comes across ☀️

→ I've learned a lot about 'silent confidence', believing in yourself so that everything else is just extra. Let your actions and the results speak for themselves! My mother's dedication to excellence is proof of this.

My mother is an engineer turned fitness trainer and nutritionist. This goes back to her love of education and always seeking to 'level up' and try new things. She is the queen of creating excitement and opportunities for herself! 🛣

→ She's taught me a great deal about taking care of myself and treating my earthly body as a temple.

→ By extension, my mom also taught me the importance of taking care of my mental health and knowing how and when to set healthy boundaries; because no one can take care of your health and overall wellbeing better than you. ❤️

⭐️ Bonus lesson from my amazing mother: family is everything and then more; cherish them, protect them and root for them always!

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