Top 3 things I learned from my father #happyfathersday!

A BIG Happy Father's Day to the amazing father's out there! And an even bigger one to the best dad that any girl could ask for! You've shaped me into the woman I am today and I will forever be grateful for all the lessons you've taught me, your patience & your friendship.

Thank you for always being there for me. The long phone calls starting with my tears and ending in laughter 😭, your advice is unmatched and I appreciate you so much.

Anyone who knows my father knows how much of a people person he is. That's one of the many things I got from him. He has this natural ability to draw people to him, lead conversations, make people feel welcomed and have fun. ⭐️

Till this day I am still learning so much from you on a daily basis and for that I am grateful. I pray for continuous happiness for both my parents, and a long life filled with laughter and so much joy. ❤️

Here are the top 3 life lessons I have learned from my dad:

↪ Forgiveness doesn’t require a 'sorry'

🧩 Letting things go and choosing to move on is a choice that depends solely on you. Never place your happiness or emotional wellbeing in the hands of anyone else.

↪ Do things because you want to, not requiring a thank you or any kind of praise

🧩 If you constantly wait for praise or even a thank you, you'll be waiting for a long time. Choose to be a servant leader, but never continue to stick your hand out for someone that repeatedly bites it.

↪ Be audacious and chase excellence

🧩 In the dedication of my book, I thanked my parents for teaching me to be as audacious as I am curious; for allowing me to wholeheartedly believe that I deserved to be in any room. My dad always says, "start, and do it well." → The message in this is 2-fold. It tells you to start and take the leap, be bold. But it also says to put your best into everything you do from the get-go. One thing my dad does not believe in is half hearted work.

⭐️ My favourite quote from my dad is, "You're not owed anything but you deserve everything." #BeAudacious