The importance of company culture and liking where you work

According to a recent survey by icIms, GenZ (ages 18-24) spend 40% longer researching and learning more about a company's online presence. Check out my insta post on the the full survey and let me know what shocked you the most! 💥

This honestly didn't surprise me at all. With everything that's happened this last year and a bit, young people are getting more and more involved in their society in any way they can. 🙌🏾

📣 Ensuring that the morals and values of a potential employer aligns with their own is just one of the ways they are able to hold this big corporations to task on some of the more important social and economic issues.

A lot of us will spend a big chunk of our lives working, and so having to work for a company where you don't feel welcomed or seen is an added stress that nobody needs or wants. 🙄

When I was networking and interviewing at my target companies last year, I actually did little research online about the company culture and what their employees were saying. Instead I relied on the body language of the employees I networked with and those who interviewed me.

One of the most important questions I would ask myself was, how much did they try to get to know me on a personal level? Besides just asking the typical "tell me about a time when you…" questions...

⭐️This was a perfect way to tell whether or not I would 'fit into' the company and enjoy my time there….did I enjoy talking to the employees? Did it seem like they enjoyed talking to me?

Because of course I would enjoy the role (that's why I was interviewing)…but whether or not I would enjoy the people was still up in the air. 🤔

Using this technique, it made it much easier for me to narrow down my choices from 6 offers down to 2.

I see on LinkedIn all the time: "students don't worry about liking your first job post-graduation" → and I wholeheartedly disagree.

Satya Nadella (Microsoft's current CEO) said it best: "We spend far too much time at work for it not to have deep meaning."

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