New grad vs entry level roles

There are countless of social media posts with people letting out their frustration about job postings for entry level jobs that require '2 to 5 years of experience'.

I get it. There's nothing worse than seeing your graduation date approaching, having (or not having) internship or co-op experience, but it not being enough to get those jobs labelled "entry level".

Here are 2 things I've noticed though:

1. New grad roles. That's it.

No but seriously….new…grad…roles…They exist and they were made specifically for us new grads. Most require no experience, while some require some skills in the domain.

Here are some tips on how to find them

🔎 If you're searching for jobs on LinkedIn, don't sort by 'entry level' - a lot of companies don't properly organize their roles by the appropriate seniority level and so you just get a bunch of non-entry level jobs labelled as entry level.

Instead, search for roles by putting 'new grad' or 'new graduate' in the keyword search and then sort by location and company.

There are soooooo many organizations that have new grad roles:

🧩 Pepsi

🧩 Mckinsey

🧩 Google

🧩 AWS/Amazon

🧩 Guidehouse

🧩 Deloitte


🧩 And so many more!!!!

2. On another note (and maybe this should be geared more towards those that are still students or are about to become students) - it is not impossible to get 2-3 years of experience while in school.

I did it. And I know others that did as well by organizing out school schedule in a way that allowed for us to take on internships while school part-time.

⏱ The amazing thing about new grad roles is that they aren't just for graduates of that year - as long as you've graduated within the year you are still considered a new grad!!

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