Networking strategies: how to properly 'sell yourself' over email

Networking completely changed my life. It's how I got all my internships (at places like the Government of Canada and Deloitte) and how I was able to get interviews & opportunities before I even graduated in the middle of a pandemic #2020WasntAllBad 😲

I am dedicated to helping other students & new graduates network their way to success and into a dream role, company and industry! Stay tuned for my e-book detailing all the strategies I used that helped me land interviews and roles at some of the biggest companies (coming in June 8th 💃🏾).

Obviously before Covid all my networking happened in person, going to events that were organized by the company I was targeting. In 2020 I was forced to completely revamp the way I did things ⏱

I had always found more success from going to in person events rather than using LinkedIn…I had to figure out how to translate easy/natural conversation and relatability into the virtual world. 💻

If you're lucky enough to get the email of someone working at your dream company here are a few things NOT to do:

🧩 Keep it short and sweet. It should be a summary about who you are, what you're currently doing and what you're looking for

🧩 Please don't immediately ask for a referral. It might been seen as distasteful especially if you just met (via email…)

🧩 As a rule of thumb I tend not to attach my resume to the email, unless I have previously spoken to them and they told me too

🧩 Please don't spam them. A follow up or two every few days/weeks is appropriate, but please keep in mind that they have a life and are human

The attached gif is a great template to use to write a short and message to someone who's background and career trajectory interests you!

Networking, showing interest and cultivating relationships is a fantastic way to get mentors / sponsors in your industry, referrals and build your professional brand!

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