LinkedIn's new launch is proof that 'social currency' matters!

Hijacking my '1 blog post a week' (posts typically go live Sunday morning!) because LinkedIn just announced some exciting news!

Besides the launch of the new 'creator mode' which sounds super exciting, LinkedIn is also launching a 'video cover story' which will be short videos that people can make talking about themselves on their profiles.

I mentioned in my last blog post that branding is an awesome way to "take control of your own narrative" and the cover story is another great way to be more connected with how you're depicted.

This is also an insanely creative way for job seekers to get ahead and talk about their skills and expertise while showing off their personality even before that first phone interview!

I posed a theory last week that as millennials and Gen-Z get into these managerial and executive positions were going to see more of a push for non-traditional ways of hiring and looking for talent - well this is the perfect example of how we're already moving towards that!

You can learn more about LinkedIn's new features here!

My next blog post will be talking about 'social proof' and how that goes hand in hand with social currency! See you then and don't forget to subscribe!