Is success based on talent, luck or hard work?

I saw this question posed on a forum online and the resulting debate was really interesting. People from all walks of life offered their opinions while sharing stories from their lives.

One thing that struck me was how personable the stories were and it reminded me of how personal & unique success is… It's not linear, it's rarely consistent or overnight, and a lot of times you'd have to see it from a bird's-eye-view to really be able to take it all in. It's why people write memoirs later on in life: because that's when they feel like they've (almost) reached the finish line and they can really begin to appreciate all the ups & downs, and twists & turns. 🛣

If you had asked me 2 years ago what success was based on, I would've answered luck in a heartbeat, but now I honestly believe that very few things in life happen by accident. I always thought that the fact that I was able to get internships at places like The Ottawa Hospital & Geotab last minute was total luck 🤭. But looking back I would never have been able to get those roles if I didn't choose to put myself out there and grow outside of my comfort zone - read all about it here! 🚀

Talent on the other hand can easily be faked and learned if we're being honest. You don't necessarily always need talent as that initial stepping stone. What you need is hard work and a forward-thinking mindset. These two combinations make for an unstoppable trajectory. Because you can be hard-working but it's not all hard work that leaves a meaningful dent. In that same vein, you can be a forward-thinker, but if you aren't willing to put in the work then it doesn't really mean much 🥴.

Being a forward-thinker is what helps you think ahead about what's actually important so that all your hard work can go towards something meaningful - i.e. the 'big' picture. But to actually keep going and stay on track… that's where talent comes in. It's your talent is what will sustain you in the log run. Whether it's talent you always had or the talent you picked up along the way, eventually people are going to want to see what you're bringing to the table. 🙌🏾

Let me know what you think! Is success based on talent, luck, hard work… or none of the above 🤔