Higher education vs industry experience...

A few weeks ago I received my 2 degrees in the mail and it reminded me of how crazy it is that we put so much energy into these pieces of paper. Was it worth it? I have no clue but I do know that whether or not it was worth it won't change anything now.

One of the most common question I get from friends and family is whether or not I plan to pursue further education… I haven't got a clue about that either. 😭

I do have a lot of classmates and friends that chose to pursue a masters or PhD after their engineering undergrad degree… but most chose to only because they couldn't secure full-time work and where anxious about having too big of a gap on their resume 📝. Others chose to go for further education because they like the structure of school and felt unprepared for life in the workforce. 😓

This is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about….that new grads feel like going back to school (and further in debt) is the only option they have when what they are lacking is experience?

The obvious question is, "if it's experience that they're lacking then how does more school help?" But it's unfortunate not that simple especially when you throw in the cost of living, paying off debt, fear of the unknown and external pressures from family to find a job ⏱.

It used to be that majority of Master's programs would require you to have 2-4 years of experience as a pre-requisite for even applying. Because it is important to have experience what it means to work in that field (or similar) before choosing to make the (big) jump back to school.

But now because of the constantly evolving of the job market and the events of this past year and a bit, job experience isn't a must for a lot of post-grads faculties anymore.

Regardless, even the experience you get from school projects counts as 'experience' and it shouldn't be discounted. I just wish that students felt like they had more options in such cases.