Half of 2020 graduates have yet to land post-grad work...

According to a survey done by Monster.com, 46% of 2020 grads have still not landed jobs, and some are saying that it could take 10+ years to recover from the effects caused by the downturn of the pandemic (career-wise).

HOWEVER, employers are expected to increase hiring of new grads by 7.2% as reported by the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition.

Many are choosing to pursue post-grad school, either via another degree or going the more hands-on route and enrolling in community colleges or trade school to increase their chances of hopefully landing a job once they graduate. 💼

I've always been slightly troubled that students are forced to pick between being unemployed and watching the gap on their resume increase…or take out a loan to pursue further education. It's one of those "choices" that doesn’t seem like much of a choice. 😓

Last year I chose to up my LinkedIn game and become more active on the platform 💥. I slowly started building my professional brand, and networked with over 300 employees that worked at companies I was targeting! I was able to get 6 full-time offers in 2020 before graduating in May 2021. 🙌🏾

The best part is that I actually enjoyed it! What started out as a way to pass time (because my extension internship at Deloitte had been cancelled😥) ended up being a huge blessing in disguise.

SO MANY things came out of using LinkedIn and building a brand, but focusing solely on the career side of things, I was even able to land my final internship (for Fall 2021)….without ever applying….the job came to me.

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So many people helped me last summer and I think that's what shocked me the most. How willing people were to go out of their way to guide me as I navigated my career. It was eye-opening and the reason why I am so adamant about helping other young people as they navigate job searching and their career in general. 🤝

That's why I will be hosting a FREE LinkedIn masterclass and resume workshop to give you the tools you need to begin the journey that I went on last year and land your dream job(s)!

It'll be on July 22nd at 11 AM EST and I really hope to see you there! 😁

Also please feel free to send me your LinkedIn profile and resume if you want it audited during the webinar!

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