Are 'portfolios' only for the artists?

From my previous posts you may or may not already know this but being 'online' doesn't automatically mean that you've checked all the boxes.

Some of us may know that one person that has followers and also follows people on their Instagram but yet they have no posts and no profile picture. Similar to the person on LinkedIn that has a LinkedIn page but doesn't have anything substantial on it.

❗️Social presence ≠ social proof❗️

And this is all well and good because obviously being online isn't for everyone. But too many times when I've jumped on calls with young professionals they're surprised when I tell them that they might need to add a bit more to really push their profile over the edge. And honestly LinkedIn does make it super easy to do this:

🧩 Having at least 500 connections is a great way to get to the top of the search when recruiters are looking for new talent

🔎 Be sure to connect with people whose industry aligns with yours or whose content you find interesting!

🧩 Your Headline and About Me section are basically your resume on LinkedIn. Making sure you have keywords related to the job you want is another fantastic way to make sure that your profile shows up when recruiters are looking for that exact same skill!

🔎 This goes hand-in-hand with branding; your Headline and your About Me section should highlight what do you want people to know most about you!

🧩 Not everyone is comfortable posting on LinkedIn and that's ok! And while I encourage you to take the leap one day (😉), for now please be sure to utilize your Featured section so that when people come to your profile, they're able to see some of your work that you're super proud that may or may not be related to your career path or industry

🔎 Again...branding. What is it that you want people to take away when they visit your profile?

This all ties very nicely to become what I call 'Your Digital Portfolio!'

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