“...and then I’ll be happy.” - no you won't

Maybe we never say those words out loud or maybe we do. But we all think it.

"As soon as X is done, I'll be happy."

"As soon as Y is complete everything will be fine."

Maybe it's true. Maybe as soon as you're done that assignment, you'll finally be able to breathe. Or maybe it's a list of chores you've been putting off all week.

These all seem small - and in hindsight they are, but what happens when it all starts to build up? What happens when every statement you make to yourself ends with…"and then I'll be happy", or some variation of that?

There's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done, if done right it can be perfectly healthy. But the thing about us humans is that we like to push the envelope and we sometimes like to take things a little too far.

It started off with, "as soon as this midterm is done, I'll be happy." But before long it turned into, "as soon as I finish college, I'll be happy."

What's the problem with that? You're placing your happiness for the next X amount of years on this one event. You think that all your problems will be gone as soon as it's complete. But when one problem goes, 5 more will take its place.

What I've learned over the last couple of years is to limit the amount of barriers I put for myself to be happy. Choose to be happy now. Choose to take one day at a time, one 'battle' at a time. Stop telling yourself what you need to be happy and please stop fixating on a specific goal because if you do you'll always be chasing something. And that's not fair to you.

Stop waiting till tomorrow to decide to be happy!

Life is this ever changing thing, and with it our finishing lines will always be moving…but that doesn’t mean that our happiness levels have to go along with them.